The alarm system with all its components is the alarm panel, smoke and heat detectors, sound and light alarm bells, and all other components of the system.

Comprehensive Safety Guide can be relied upon to maintain fire alarm systems of all kinds.

Services provided :

Installation of fire alarm systems
Rehabilitation of the system and work on its readiness and effectiveness.
Preventive maintenance
Upgrades from old systems to newer systems
Connect other safety equipment to alarm systems

Preventive maintenance:

Monthly site visit.
Examine the alarm panel and make sure it is ready.
Check the site and discover any external influences that disturb the system’s performance.
Inspect all parts of the system associated with the alarm panel.
Full inspection of electrical circuits and low pressure circuits.
Clean the reagents.
Conducting the necessary technical tests for the system.
Putting inspection labels on the devices and filling the records on the site, if any.
Submit a full report on the examination and its results.