The extinguishing systems available in each building are the first line of defense to contain the accident in its infancy, whether it is automatic equipment such as automatic sprinkler system and clean gas extinguishing systems or manual using fire extinguishers and fire boxes.

Comprehensive Safety Guide Company provides all the components of this system, including maintenance and checking periodically, through which the water level in the fire tanks is inspected, the pumps are operated, their fluids are inspected, the level of pressures in the pumps and in all parts of the network are inspected, and the pumps are ensured successively, and the system is ready and effective.

Services provided :

Installing all types of fire extinguishing systems, their automatic and manual components, and clean gas systems.
Rehabilitation of the system and work on its readiness and effectiveness.
Preventive maintenance.
Repairs and follow-up.

Preventive maintenance:

Examination of fire water tanks.
Inspection of fire pumps, fluids, operating panels and electrical circuits.
Check the pressure level in the pumps.
Check the level of stresses in the network.
Check the main fire network, valves and organizations.
Inspect the automatic fire network with all its components.
Examine and inspect fire boxes with all their contents.
Cleaning the automatic fire extinguishing system (drain system) network.
Conducting the necessary technical tests for the system.
Putting inspection labels on the devices and filling the records on the site, if any.
Submit a full report on the examination and its results.