The importance of fire extinguishers is that they are the easiest, closest and fastest way to control fire accidents in the workplace. Fire extinguishers differ in their sizes and types depending on where they are used and the nature of use of solid materials, flammable liquid materials, chemicals or electrical fires.

The Comprehensive Safety Guide Company will ensure that fire extinguishers are ready, packed, maintained and in a place that can be easily reached and distributed according to the distances stipulated in the Saudi Building Code.

The company also provides the necessary instructions for using fire extinguishers in the correct way to control the fire in its infancy.

Services provided :

Providing extinguishers in the number, sizes and types required according to the nature of the site.
Mobilization of fire extinguishers of all kinds.
Preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance:

Examine the extinguisher and ensure the level of pressure in it.
Check valve and frame to make sure that there is no damage or corrosion.
Check and check the content of the fire head and its safety (watch, upper and lower compressor, hose and seal).
Check the base and safety of the extinguisher.
Ensure that the extinguisher is hanging in the correct way with the appropriate hook, height and location.
Cleaning extinguishers
Ensure that the instructions and classification of the extinguisher are written on it correctly and clearly.
Ensure that the extinguisher is suitable for the place it is located in.
Examine the location of the extinguisher and ensure that it is easily accessible and that there are no obstructions.
Putting test labels and filling records on site, if any.
Submit a full report on the examination explaining any deficiencies and submitting the necessary recommendations for taking corrective actions.