It is considered one of the important safety equipment, as it illuminates escape corridors and stairs after power cuts, and contributes to facilitating evacuation operations and directing to emergency corridors and exits and safe areas in emergency situations.

Comprehensive Safety Guide Trading Company provides the service of installing, checking and maintaining emergency lights and signboards in order to ensure that the lighting works efficiently.

Services provided :

Test the backup generator and make sure that it starts working within a period of time not exceeding (10) seconds as a backup source for lighting electricity, if any, and inspect the generator fluids.
Test the emergency lighting and make sure it works for (90) minutes, and confirm the test button.
Replacement bulbs and batteries.
Installation of emergency lights and exits.
Preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance :

Tested emergency lighting and it works for 90 minutes.
Check batteries and bulbs.
Ensure the integrity of electrical circuits.
Cleaning lamps and batteries.
Inspection of lighting boards and stocks at emergency exits.
Putting test labels and filling records on site, if any.
Make a complete technical report on the inspection, explain any deficiencies, and write the necessary recommendations.