In addition to structural safety, electrical safety, safety and fire equipment, emergency plans, evacuation, and the procedures, instructions, and training programs required by industrial facilities, warehouses and dangerous establishments, there is an important aspect that is the safety and health of the work environment and the safety and protection of workers from preventive equipment, procedures, tests and specific working hours as stipulated by laws OSHA International Organization for Occupational Safety and Health.

In order to continue the production process and preserve life and property, Comprehensive Safety Guide Company facilitates your participation in analyzing risks, identifying and providing the necessary safety and fire requirements, and providing rehabilitation and maintenance to raise and maintain the safety level at sites.

Commercial establishments

Commercial establishments vary in terms of space and nature of use on which the required safety and fire equipment is…

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Educational facilities

The educational facilities at all levels, starting from the education of young people and people with special needs, are high-density…

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Health facilities

Health facilities are among the facilities that require the highest safety standards due to the multiplicity of roles, the breadth…

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