Safety comprehensive guide for trade

Comprehensive Safety Guide for Trade was established in 2012 AD and its main headquarters is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the central region, Riyadh city, headed by the consultant retired dean / Abdullah bin Ali Muhammad Maadi. It is a company specializing in fire protection services and approved by the civil defense. The company provides inspection, installation, maintenance and operation services For safety and firefighting systems for its customers and as a company specializing in fire protection, its team is dedicated to protecting lives and property by providing services at a high level of quality to establish and achieve credibility and full confidence as a consistent and effective working methodology in all the company’s work to contribute effectively and realistically in raising the level of safety.

Our goal and our vision

Achieving leadership and development in the field of safety and fire protection, providing a safe environment for its customers, and building long-term relationships with its customers through its specialized team in the field of fire protection and dedication to providing the best service and applying the highest quality standards in the implementation of our projects in accordance with local and international laws and regulations, while contributing distinctively to Protection of life and property.

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